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B&W observation

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Model: 1321E

CCD black & white camera

3™ 1321E 1/3' Medium Resolution B/W Camera
An inexpensive long body, Black and White CCTV camera with 1/3” CCD and Mintron DSP. That produces quality video in B/W.

  • 1/3' Interline Transfer CCD IC.
  • Resolution: 420 TV Lines.
  • Light Sensitivity: 0.1 Lux (F1.4).
  • Signal to Noise Ratio better than 48dB
  • DC Iris Drive.
  • C/CS Lens Mount.
  • Power: DC12V
Key Features:
  • 1/3' B/W CCD and Mintron DSP
  • 420 TV Lines
  • 0.1 LUX at F1.2
  • Supports Video and DC Drive auto-iris lenses
Recommended Use:
Indoors or outdoors (requires housing), where an interchangeable lens is needed. Vari-focal and/or auto-iris
lenses are supported.

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