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Smoke detectors

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Firex 7000 combination alarm
Both Smoke and Carbon Monoxide in a single unit

The Firex 7000 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm offers homeowners convenient protection from two deadly threats- fire and carbon monoxide poisoning in a single alarm. Using the same 5' base and quick connect harness, you can replace most existing Firex smoke alarm products without additional wiring.

Key Features:
  • Smoke & CO Alarm shares a single interconnect wire.
  • Can serve as a stand alone or interconnected alarm.
  • Replace or move alarms with quick connect harness.
  • Uses a standard 5” Firex mounting bracket.
  • Comes with Battery.
  • Ramp up horn to protect hearing during testing.
  • Smart Quiet Alarm Locator - Silences all but the trigger alarm for up to 10 minutes. Helps you identify the area of immediate danger without the distraction of all alarms sounding.
  • Quick quiet false alarm control: Quiets the trigger alarm without losing protection.
  • Battery lasts 5 years in backup mode.
  • Battery lasts a minimum of 1 year in battery operation.

*120V AC Direct Wire with 9 Volt Battery Back-up or Battery only option
FIREX®, the recognized leader in residential fire protection, brings you the latest in carbon monoxide detection technology.

  • For Single or Multiple Station Use.
  • 120 V AC or 9 volt DC.
  • 85 Decibels at 10 feet.
  • Biomimetic detection type on CO detector and dual ionization on smoke detector.
  • Three Separate LEDS provide constant visual status of the alarm.
  • Large easy access button for testing and resetting/silencing alarm.
  • UL 2034 & UL217
  • Dimensions are 6.06” diameter x 2.18” tall.
  • Interconnect with up to 18 units.

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