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Biometric Readers

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Access Control
Biometric fingerprint reader
  • Made to be used for access control.
  • Wiegand output included so may be used with most access panels.
  • Ideal for small, medium and large organizations where security is a major concern.
  • Operates in standalone mode without the need of a dedicated computer.
  • Sleek easy to operate machine with tough enclosure and membrane keypad.
  • Outstanding matching algorithm delivers fast and accurate verification.
  • Unique 1:n matching algorithm eliminates the need to key in the PIN number. Can be used either way - with pin number or without.
  • Can be interfaced with Magnetic, Barcode, Contactless, Touch Token, Smart cards for additional security.
  • Up to 32 readers can be connected on a single cable run of 1.5 km using RS 485 protocol.
  • Weigand interface for external card readers (user select either relay or Weigand out).
  • The in-built (optional) UPS keeps the reader functioning for 8 hours in case of power failure.
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance System.
  • 5 year battery backup of all information is retained in case of power failure.
  • Comes with 12 vdc plug in transformer.
  • Built in 12 vdc power supply and relay to power an electric strike. No extra box or relay is needed. Just add an electric strike or mag lock, enroll your users and your done!
  • Audit trail and enrollment software for PC use included at no extra charge. Use this software to also program a person for specific time and date access.
  • 640 fingerprint storage capacity with pin number and 95 without pin when using in fingerprint with no pin Fingerprint Sensor
  • Verification time : < 1.0 second
  • Registration time : < 2.0 second
  • Resolution : 450 DPI
  • Data Size (Encrypted) : 400 bytes
  • Temperature : 0 deg. to 60 deg.C
  • Capacity to store 4000 templates (Fingerprints)
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid finger
  • Continuous (always on) LCD display of hours, minutes and calendar in date & month
  • Easy to register new/additional fingerprints
  • Can be used for Attendance as well as Access Control
  • Dedicated computer not necessary
  • Optional Software available for Management Information Systems (for time and attendance) - see below
  • Dimensions: Width (7.25) Height (5) Depth (2)
  • Note: for indoor use only

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